Sunday, June 6, 2010

Much Needed Update!

Well im going to attempt to do this by myself...... i usually have marti.

Brooklynn is 5 months old now. It crazy how fast they grow up and learn new things. She is scooting backwards but just cant seem to get the forwards part. She thinks her toes and hands are so amazing! Its so cute to see her suck on her toes. I wish that i was that limber. Her laugh and smiles make me so happy. I could be having the most crummy day and just one upright movement of that mouth changes it all. My first mothers day was great. I think that it was the best choice i have made was to become a mother. It also made me appreciate my mom. What an amazing women.

Tyler and I are still workin hard. He is still working for the city and im still in the ob and loving it. Tyler is Roping and we are playing softball. Its going to get busy here coming up. 2 Coeds and our own leagues. Its kinda what makes summer... well summer!!! We both enjoy it. Thats that update for right now but im going to try to get better at this and stay more updated.

See ya later!!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Whats Happening

Well i decided that i would start one of these blogs and join the crowd. Im new at this blog thing so if it looks crazy, bare with me! 

Well today is our two month aniversary! woot woot! haha. Quite a few things have happened. Tyler and I found out that we are going to have a girl. Im due Dec. 26th. Oh merry christmas! Her name is going to be Brooklynn nicole Willis. We were really excited when we found out. Work is going great for the both of us Tyler works for the town of Taylor and i work in the Ob at the hospital. I start school next week and im not very excited about that but it has to be done. I am also assisting with the varsity Show Low soccer team so we are really super busy but its fun to come home to Ty! Tyler spends every other night on his horse roping. Workin his way to be the champion. What an expensive sport to be in, but i enjoy watching what he loves.

Enjoy the pictures of brooklynn @ 19 weeks


Brooklynn Nicole

Brooklynn Nicole